Sunday, September 30, 2007

10 Loaded Words

1. Antisocial-
page 19.
His behavior in school was him being a loner.
2. High-
page 34.
Worried about his dad getting in an accident because of his reckless behavior.
3. Kite-
page 39.
How high Anthony is.
4. Family-
page 49.
Shows how much he cares for family.
5. Blackie-
page 51.
What his dad was called.
6. Hetero-
page 55.
His dad dressing up for the way he acts in movies.
7. pools-
page 67.
Anthony and Mike jumping in to pools from a high distance.
8. Ritalin
page 86
him taking a job baby sitting a very hyperactive kid.
9. Heroin-
page 95.
His dependency on the drug.
10. Money-
His lack of money.


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