Monday, October 29, 2007

The Sea Inside- Post 2

In both the Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Sea Inside both main characters are parylized but Romons condition isn't as bad. he actually has some movement. I thought The Sea Inside was more powerful probably because it was far more interesting and ramon actually tries hard kill himself while that other guy just waits it out.

The Sea Inside- Post 1

I thought it was a decent film. I do understand Ramons position and how he dreads life but I do not think that suicide is an option. Although he is suffering and paralyzed neck down, there are still reasons to live. I also think he should think of his family. They put much time and love to take care of him but in the end, all he wants is death. His friends trying to help him die is a bad idea because if they do or don't end up killing him either way they're screwed and I really don't believe it would be worth it for them.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Memoir-Scar Tissue Anthony Kiedis

Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue is a memoir of the life of Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I believe that Anthony is trying to show everyone that life can have many difficult challenges you must face, no matter who you are. Kiedis has been through many changes like drug addiction, relationships and being apart of a band.

Anthony was born in St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Throughout elementary school Anthony lived with his mother until he was in 6th grade and decided to move to California with his dad. He very much looked up to his father. At age eleven, Anthony was introduced to marijuana. This was the beginning of his drug experimentation. In 8th grade He experimented with LSD and which eventually led to cocaine. Later into his life he started doing heroin, which he became very dependent on. “Drug addiction is a progressive disease, so every time you go out, it gets a little uglier than it was before; it’s not like you go back to the early day of using, when there was less of a price to pay.”- Pg. 206. Anthony has relapsed many times and this shows how addicted you can be and how difficult it is to quit.

Anthony has been with many different women in his life, a lot of the relationships ending ugly. If he sees someone he likes, he goes straight up to them and doesn’t stop until satisfied. One girl named Jennifer became very violent and hostile with Anthony when he broke up with her. Ending relationships caused a lot of stress upon him causing him to abandoning everything to get high to solve his problems.

Anthony Kiedis, Mike Balzary (Flea), Hillel Slovak, and Jack Irons formed the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers. They began playing in clubs around California then soon stared making they’re 1st album, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Later they released Freaky Styely, and The Uplift Mofo Party Plan. During all this, Anthony is temporarily kicked out of the band. “Anthony, we’re kicking you out of the band. We want to play music and you obviously don’t, so you have to go.”-Pg. 191. This was because of Anthony and his drug addictions and not showing up for rehearsals because of it. Soon after the Uplift tour, Hillel Slovak overdosed and died. Jack Irons left the band not wanting to be apart of something were all of his friends were dying. After going through many guitarists they finally find John Frusciante. He later is kicked out of the band but joins back after Dave Navarro is kicked out. A new permanent drummer is also eventually found, Chad Smith.

Anthony has had a very crazy life going through many hardships, which include, drug addiction, Relationships, and Being apart of a band.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Thoughts on DBATB

I thought The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was an okay book. It was kind of interesting at first with few chaters that actually drov me to read until I became uninterested again. The were too many times when I would be reading the book and become interested with somethng and then the book would just wonder off until I was just mindlessly reading having no idea what was going on. The book wasn't as interesting as I though it would be but I can still see why people enjoy reading it. Im not saying it was a all out bad book im just saying I didn't find it all that interesting. It was a pretty easy read though, besides the fact that It got kind of dull at sometimes otherwise it was an alright book.