Sunday, December 23, 2007

Week 5 post A

1. of the nature of or made or done as a trial, experiment, or attempt; experimental: a tentative report on her findings.
2. unsure; uncertain; not definite or positive; hesitant: a tentative smile on his face. (118)

Delirium- 1. Pathology. a more or less temporary disorder of the mental faculties, as in fevers, disturbances of consciousness, or intoxication, characterized by restlessness, excitement, delusions, hallucinations, etc.
2. a state of violent excitement or emotion. (117)

One emerging theme of the book is protection. The dad believes that animals shouldn't be harmed and people should let them be.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

W.4 Post A


Optometrist- n. A person who is professionally trained and licensed to examine the eyes for visual defects, diagnose problems or impairments, and prescribe corrective lenses or provide other types of treatment.(96)

Wringer- n. One that wrings, especially a device in which laundry is pressed between rollers to extract water.(100)

An emerging theme of the book is care, everyone in the family is caring.

W. 3 Post B

"After the hotel burned down, we lived for a few days on the beach. When we put down the backseat of the green caboose, there was room for everyone to sleep, though sometimes someone's feet would be sticking in my face. One night a policeman tapped on our window and said we had to leave; it was illegal to sleep on the beach."

The walls family are nomadic and once they get sick of one place, or have to go, they leave for new land. they don't always have alot of food and the kids aren't always in school but they enjoy there lives. One night, the hotel they were staying in caught on fire so they had to leave. they decided the best place to leave for would be the beach. after a couple of nights, a cop came telling them they had to go elsewere.

week 3 post A

Prospector- n. One who explores an area for mineral deposits or oil.(33)

Creosote- noun 1. an oily liquid having a burning taste and a penetrating odor, obtained by the distillation of coal and wood tar, used mainly as a preservative for wood and as an antiseptic.
2. coal-tar creosote.
–verb (used with object) 3. to treat with creosote.(35)

An emerging theme of the book would be safety, there are many moments where the main characters are in unsafe predicaments like when Jeanette falls out of the car.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 2 post A


(20) Severity- 1. harshness, sternness, or rigor: Their lives were marked by severity.
2. austere simplicity, as of style, manner, or taste: The severity of the decor was striking.
3. intensity or sharpness, as of cold or pain.
4. grievousness; hard or trying character or effect: The severity of his loss was finally becoming apparent.
5. rigid exactness or accuracy.
6. an instance of strict or severe behavior, punishment, etc.

(19) Gypsum- a very common mineral, hydrated calcium sulfate, CaSO4·2H2O, occurring in crystals and in masses, soft enough to be scratched by the fingernail: used to make plaster of Paris, as an ornamental material, as a fertilizer, etc.
[Origin: 1640–50; < L: chalk < Gk gýpsos chalk, gypsum]

"Dad always fought harder, flew faster, and gambled smarter than everyone else in his stories."

This shows her fathers personality and how he is with kids and that cares about them.

One Important theme in the book is nomadic lifestyle because thats how they were living, staying at one place for a while then moving again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Week One post B

In this book Jeanette Walls growing up as a child live a very strange life so far. She has an older sister and a younger brother and sister. Many people would probably call her parents irresponsible letting their children running off alone and unsupervised. the family is always living in different places and there are always pets around to keep them company on a range from cats and lizards, to coyotes. altough the kids aren't always in school, they are very smart and learn many things from there parents.


Post A: below

week one outside reading post


(page 5) Electrolysis-
–noun 1. Physical Chemistry. the passage of an electric current through an electrolyte with subsequent migration of positively and negatively charged ions to the negative and positive electrodes.
2. the destruction of hair roots, tumors, etc., by an electric current.

(Page 11) Gauzy- adjective, gauz·i·er, gauz·i·est. like gauze; transparently thin and light.

"The pan was too heavy for me to lift when it was full of water, so I'd put a chair next to the sink, climb up and fill a glass, then stand on a chair by the stove and put water into the pan. I did that over and over again until the pan held enough water. Then I'd turn on the stove, and when the water was boiling, I'd drop in the hot dogs."(Pg. 11)

This quote is significant to the story because it shows what her life was like when she was at a younger age. when she was only 3 years old she would make hot dogs. Her parents would let her.

Family is very important in this book because that's basically what it's about.