Wednesday, December 12, 2007

week one outside reading post


(page 5) Electrolysis-
–noun 1. Physical Chemistry. the passage of an electric current through an electrolyte with subsequent migration of positively and negatively charged ions to the negative and positive electrodes.
2. the destruction of hair roots, tumors, etc., by an electric current.

(Page 11) Gauzy- adjective, gauz·i·er, gauz·i·est. like gauze; transparently thin and light.

"The pan was too heavy for me to lift when it was full of water, so I'd put a chair next to the sink, climb up and fill a glass, then stand on a chair by the stove and put water into the pan. I did that over and over again until the pan held enough water. Then I'd turn on the stove, and when the water was boiling, I'd drop in the hot dogs."(Pg. 11)

This quote is significant to the story because it shows what her life was like when she was at a younger age. when she was only 3 years old she would make hot dogs. Her parents would let her.

Family is very important in this book because that's basically what it's about.


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